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Family Business Council

Introducing WomenCorporateDirectors' Family Business Council


Family firms contribute an estimated 70 to 90% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually. Family-controlled businesses represent nearly 35% of Fortune 500 companies. In Europe, family businesses have over 1 trillion euros in aggregated turnover, represent 9% of the European Union’s GDP and provide more than 5 million jobs. According to McKinsey Global Institute's research, emerging economies, such as those in Asia, are growing far quicker than those in the developed world. In emerging markets, family businesses will be a part of a formidable new breed of large companies. For all of these reasons, WCD has created this Family Business Council. This council will: 

  • Explore a number of issues, including CEO and board succession, talent management, what strategic assets does a family bring to the business, family councils and other methods of multi-generational success.
  • Create new programs for women CEOs and directors of family companies around both the WCD Global Institute as well as its regional Institutes in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
  • Hold director introductions – both for family business seeking outside directors and for family business leaders looking to broaden their experience through public company board service.

The Co-Chairs of the Family Business Council are Marina Brogi, Director of Luxottica and Salini Impregilo; Member, Supervisory Board, UBI Banca; WCD Italy Chapter Chair and Susan Remmer Ryzewic, President, CEO, and Board Member of EHR Investments, Inc., Board Member of Endless Pools, Inc., and William Smith Enterprises, Inc.  and Co-Chair of the WCD North Florida and South Georgia Chapter.  

The other council members are Janet Clark, Baty Elata, Julia Klein, Maria Eugenia Girón, Laura Grondin, Deborah Hylton, Jyoti Narang, and Tracy Lauren.

Click HERE to view the WCD Family Business Council Launch Release

KPMG has created a resource for family businesses where they share articles and insights around some of the topics that family businesses grapple with every day, such as governance, succession, philanthropy, risk management, exit strategies, wealth preservation, growth, and much more. These are issues that family businesses should seek to manage effectively in order for their business to remain competitive and, more importantly, for there to be a lasting legacy for the generations to come. 

Click HERE to view KPMG's Family Business page.

KPMG and European Family Business (EFB) are performing research on family business in Europe. In this latest edition of the European Family Business Barometer, KPMG  and EFB once again seek to bring insight into the confidence levels of family businesses and the challenges that they see affecting their operations.

Click HERE to view the European Family Business Barometer.